Veterans Listening Platform

The Listening Post infrastructure incorporates the following platforms:


  • On-the-ground action performed by teams of listeners
  • Secure phone communication through a designated answering service
  • Website for tellers and listeners
  • Ten-step life changing program (HHH)



  • Certificates of support
  • Wall of recognition for certificate holders
  • Social media to champion positive actions
  • Non-controversial display items to share support


More Info

In addition, the programs function independently of one another. Each platform serves a different type of need. Some veterans do not have ready access to the Internet, but have a phone; some have no phone, but through word of mouth and local advertisements, can find a safe place to meet with on-the-ground VLP staff and services. These three services can be used all together or independently.

Plan of Action

In keeping with a military style of deployment, activity teams of listeners at selected sites in local neighborhoods or national venues will be mobilized to form a ready reaction force for on-the-ground action. There are millions of veterans who have returned from Iraq, Afghanistan, and other past conflicts or are still on active duty who would benefit from such on-the-ground action. The VLP’s goal is to create a listening post in every state, county, and neighborhood, where people are willing and able to support veterans and military people by displaying outward signs with inward listening. This can all be done through the Veterans Listening Post blueprint.

Team leaders, team listeners, and individual listeners will be lightly trained because most of the requirements come hardwired: listening, focus skills, patience, compassion, commitment, and honor for their part in this journey. Teams are made up of at least two volunteers, or as many as will further the action plan in place for the appointed day.

Hot spots will be organized through small marketing campaigns directed toward qualified locations selected by the Veterans Listening Post team to aid in setting up and preparing for action within their area of organization. The marketing campaigns will inform local veterans and active military that a listening post will be available in their area on a certain date for all who would like to tell their stories. It should be a fun and happy time – a time of celebration. No need to wait for Veterans Day or Memorial Day: the time for action is now.

About Veterans Listening Post

Tell Your Story

How many times have you thought, “If only I could tell this story in my head?” Leaving a phone message is often the easiest way to tell a story. We all know the drill: leave a message after the beep. Most of the time with a phone message, we don’t mince words, but get right to the point. The Veterans Listening Post will give the veteran or military person their turn to talk.

This platform of the Veterans Listening Post is a neutral service for recording stories. Callers can record a five-minute session each time. You might think five minutes is short—not really! You can get a lot in, especially if you get right to the story you want to express. Then the story can be accessed by volunteers who listen and respond.


The Listening Post website will be a neutral traffic coordinator and controller network with interrelated and separate connections. The site will include three main areas: the Veterans Verification Status Link, Transition Coordination Network, and Volunteer Reception Site.

Present technology gives the Veterans Listening Post many avenues for connectivity. Email, text messaging, Skype, and Twitter (as well as other social media sites) can now be vehicles for the Veterans Listening Post at the tellers’ and listeners’ convenience. We can mobilize a ready reaction force by using all the means of communication available to us.

Pledge Certificates

To increase listening and recognition for our veterans & military

The highly visible certificates are a wonderful way of displaying your support. The pledges are very powerful. This is a very expressive way to show an outward sign of participation and support for the invaluable contributions of our veterans and military.

Physically connecting the veterans and military world with the civilian world. Each pledge can have a different person’s name, business name, cause name, Foundation name, nonprofit name, VFW name, club name, and much more. Download your Certificate and Frame it. Show your support by posting it on social media or any place that you like.

10 Step Listening Program

Session 1 – Direction Session

  • The Teller receives guidelines that they are asked to follow.
  • The Listener receives guidelines in preparation for each session.

Session 2 – Purposeful Session

  • The Teller tells their story.
  • The Listener receives the story.

Session 3 – Challenge Session

  • The Teller tells their story, focusing on what recognition they want to experience.
  • The Listener receives the story.

Session 4 – Release Session

  • The Teller tells the story of what can help them.
  • The Listener agrees with the story.

Session 5 – Healing Session

  • The Teller tells a story of what they think would be healing for them.
  • The Listener agrees with the story.


Session 6 – Healthy Session

  • The Teller tells the story of what they think would be healthy for them.
  • The Listener agrees with the story.

Session 7 – Change Session

  • The Teller tells the story of how they will keep the changes that are healing and healthy.
  • The Listener agrees with the story.

Session 8 – Helpful Session

  • The Teller tells the story of what kind of help from others would work for them.
  • The Listener agrees with the story.

Session 9 – Stable Session

  • The Teller tells the story of the stability that is present in their life.
  • The Listener agrees with the story.

Session 10 – Healthy Stable Session

  • The Teller tells their story of progress toward a healing, healthy, stable lifestyle.
  • The Listener is supportive of this progress.


Veteran Support Pledge

Valued Listening Person

Military Support Pledge

Valued Service Supporter
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Civilian Support Pledge

Valued listening sponsor

Sponsor Support Pledge

Valued Recognition