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The Veterans Listening Post (VLP) recognizes that listening is one of the most transformative ways of continued positive support for our veterans and military. VLP has developed many programs to enhance this process, such as on-the-ground teams of listeners to recognize and support veterans and military in person. Our life changing Ten-Session Listening Program transforms both the teller and listener with positive centered outcomes that last a lifetime. VLP’s real-time phone communication through an answering service platform and website for tellers and listeners supports our veterans and military right here, right now.

Finally, our positive support certificates that connect the veteran and military world with the civilian world create opportunities to “Recognize, Release, and Restore.”

VLP is out in the community right now, building strong connections between civilians, and veterans and military. Your support for VLP can be part of real-time lifesaving changes right now.

Be the answer: Support the Post. Support our Veterans.

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Our team at the Veterans Listening Post would like to thank you for coming to our website. It would be remiss not to state that in the world today, more than ever, it is important that we take care of our own and celebrate all those who have made a difference in their communities and country. You can have a positive influence.

We are open to fiscal sponsorship, managed direction, ideas, comments and welcome your feedback. Dialogue and details are available upon request. We at the Veterans Listening Post would like to thank you for reading this plan and considering it as a way to benefit your wonderful work.