22 May

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A veteran recently asked this question: “Things to know for going into business. What help can I get to start a business?”

VLP’s Answer:

To answer this Veterans question, how about looking at this from two different ways that might make sense—one from the head and one from the heart.

As a U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer, I am sure that you are very familiar with protocols, procedures and SOPs (“Stand Operating Procedures”). Starting and operating a business has the same type of structure. The difference is the vocabulary of words and categories. Words like “incorporation,” “local permits,” “filing fees,” “tax ID numbers” and “finance” fit into business start-up procedures.

For me, three words come to mind: Research, Listening, and Doing. Research is important to gather all the information available to you. Listening means there are good local resources to turn to. Your friends, family, and local business people are likely willing to give you an immense amount of good information.

Now here’s my answer from the heart: “Determination,” and “effort” are emotional words. They are also needed for a start-up business venture. I am sure that after six years of service in the U.S. Coast Guard, you know the meaning and the process of applying those words to your business venture. Which brings us to: Doing. That’s when the head and the heart work together to help you make decisions.

When you’ve got those three areas down, then you are ready.

VLP, Coach Chris

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