30 Jan

Tales of A Veteran, John’s Story


A veteran soldier we listened to give a brief description of his time served in the Navy. John was enlisted as a cook, and worked in quite a few different areas of the ship. The ship he was placed on was USS Inchon, which was a marine carrier. He worked with nuclear weapons and security. The most prominent factor he wanted to make clear was it was a hard work, and requires dedication.  He started out at the bottom of the ranks in his service. John was given a lot of the grunt work to begin, but worked his way up the ranks. He cooked in the officer’s gallery most of the time. He visited many countries in his first service, such as Greece. In the next term with his squadron he visited Bermuda, Sicily, and other countries. John mentions meeting his wife in the service and explains it was a rough road. He wanted to continue his service and retire from military but it placed a strain on his marriage, so he choose to leave for her sake. He reflected on a moment that was very emotional for him, one that I could see was a very special memory from his service. He was going to Iran during the Iranian hostage crisis, and was looking for a moment’s reflection.  He went out one of the port doors and looked out over the sea, and instantly felt a calm feeling rush over him. So much so he was unaware there was someone else there. He was startled by a Seal that spoke to him and was upset he never got a chance to see that Seal again.  John wanted to remind those that served, or anyone that you have to keep moving forward. You can’t live in the past, it will only haunt you as a result. You have to push on, and move forward. The best thing about listening to John’s story was that he seemed relieved after sharing it, like it helped to have someone listen, if only for a moment’s time. That is what our mission is all about and I am glad to get a chance to witness it.

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