13 Jul

Rock Star Versus U.S. Military

Military rock stars

As soon as we see a rock star, movie star or athletic star appearing or walking in a mall—wow—we are so excited by their presence. We might even risk asking them for an autograph. How about when we see a military service person? Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard—a service person dressed in their branch uniform. Are you moved and excited by their presence? If the opportunity presented itself, would we respectfully ask the military person for their autograph? With the rock star we would remember the experience as a highlight in our life. We would share it with family and friends. As the Marine passes in uniform in an airport terminal, would we smile our best smile? Would we wink our best wink? Would we pass through to the service person an uplifting moment of recognition? Sure we would. Our recognition shows an enormous amount of support for the service person’s sacrifice and commitment. Both stars and military persons are entitled to the rewards they have earned through their determination and effort.

One More Thing About Rock Star Versus U.S. Military
When it comes down to the light switch moments, such as Americans staying strong, free and protected 24/7, there could be a line drawn in the sand. There are very real dangers present in the world arena today. Fear not civilian, the line in the sand is drawn. It’s the U.S. military and our free world allied military defending, protecting and securing the 24/7 for us. As in the movie a Few Good Men when one character asked, “Why are we doing this?” The answer is: “Because there is marine on the wall.”

Ask the rock star, movie star and athletic star their choice and they’ll likely all say the same thing: U.S. military.

Coach Chris the VLP team

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