22 Jul

Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans: Stay In the Light


The mission statement of the United States Navy is, “A force for good.” These few words sum up a picture of thousands of protective ships, planes, men, and equipment that travel the earth’s oceans for the protection of what “we the people” believe is good for our society. Out of a need to bind together and preserve the values of their sacrifice and service, Vietnam veterans made their own mission statement: “Welcome home brother.” This statement was born out of a simple fact at the time: People did not say, “Welcome home” to Vietnam vets.

Presently, the statement “Thank you for your service” has come to represent all military services and veterans. It rings especially true for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in their transition home to civilian life. What is really important about the “thank you for your service” statement is it’s born out of the goodness of our civilians wanting to show in some way their thankfulness and support of the services of the returning veterans.

While this statement shows its worth in many ways, it is time to reignite the light of recognition for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and our present military service people. Now is the time for a new mission statement to restore and revitalize that flame of recognition. “We the people” do not want to lose a generation of veterans to nothing less than a lifelong recognition of their service.

New Vision

Out of the experiences from your Vietnam brothers, Korea brothers, WWII, WWI, and all the other conflicts that share in the eternal verification of their service, you, Iraq, Afghanistan and military service persons can unite under this new mission statement: “Stay in the Light.” During all conflicts they say the generation at that time is the best that has come from our country. We veterans say that the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and service people who are serving then and now are the most unselfish service generation to ever perform for their country.

Veterans and military, let’s go within our ranks and bind together and reemerge into a better, brighter, and immensely meaningful life-long campaign to preserve Staying in the Light. Staying in the Light is a short mission statement with a very deep, wide, and high purpose to keep military and veteran recognition alive and well. Civilians and all people with freedom in their hearts¬—we need you now more than ever in these uncertain times. Can we count on you?

Let’s say it together: “Veterans and Military: Stay in the Light.”

The VLP Team
Coach Chris

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