20 Jan

Female Navy Submariners?!

Photo Credit: Audrey McAvoy

Navy is allowing females to become submariners!

The news was anoounce at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The top U.S. officer for human resources in the Navy annouced this shocking news on Thursday. He says that he is sure that the service members will be able to over come any barriers that they may run into as they fully intergrate women into the submarine force.

Bill Moran, the naval personnel chief, has spoken to reporters and states that he will be seeing this firsthand onboard the USS Mississippi later in the week.  The first two women to serve on a submarine started last month. The women serve as a supply officer and submariner on the Pacific and are among the very first women to serve on a attack submarine.

When the crude traditions were brought up in regards to the underwater fleet, Moran said he might not have been a submariner himself, but knows that they are a highly professional force.

“Part of being a professional is treating people with dignity and respect,” Moran said. “If there are cultural aspects of being a submariner that don’t comport with professionalism, male and female, then I’m sure they’re going to figure out a way to get rid of those cultural barriers.”

There have been women to serve on guided missile, and even ballistic missle subamarines since 2010 when the Navy removed the ban on women serving on submarines. The main difference between these submarines is size.

The contractors and Navy are currently working on changes to the design that will better accomodate the mixed gender crewmates. Privacy on these boats are currently a rare thing as the biggest of subs sleeps around 9 to a room and a total of 4 showers, and seven toilets to serve for the crew. The same crew that is approximately 140 men, and the passages are so narrow its hard not to be in close proximity of someone else.

The women selected first are put through a training school in Connecticut before being placed with a crew. The problem they were faced with was ensuring that the women that would be placed were of various ranks so that they would not only have junior females as this has presented previous issues.

“Once enlisted women get on board submarines and their experiences are positive, that word spreads by social media and other ways and hopefully that helps inspire other women to want to continue,” Moran stated.

This is a great example of our changing society as we are finally allowing women to rank anywhere in our military.






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