22 May

AIT (Advanced Infantry Training)

Veterans Services

Have you ever received a letter telling you to report or proceed to your next destination? During your last week of basic training, you usually receive orders for your next assignment. Advanced Infantry Training (AIT) is training that advances, completes and develops the person you will become and what you will stand for while you are in the service on your tour of duty. This could be Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines or Cost Guard—training that will fit the duty and assignment that each branch represents.

While training in your expertise, positive things begin to happen. Although the training is immensely repetitive, it also starts to make sense. Listen, you always complain. That’s the best part. Complaining, in the deeper sense, means that whatever constructive things you are doing will have long-term positive effects. So we marched more, ran more, learned more, crawled more, and complained more.

You know what? We loved it.

AIT and More

A twenty-mile forced march with 60 pounds of gear on your back, live fire and night crawling with rifle and pack—and what happens if the opposite team captures you? Actually, all the training and effort that you have put into this experience rewards you with talent and skills so you can answer all of the challenges that may come into your life moving forward.

You are able to say, “I got this.”

Coach Chris, VLP

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